Saturday, June 7, 2008

starting of with some crap

This is Sanyam.I am Third year Student of IIT Bombay.I am currently doing my internship at
Itasveer( at Gurgaon.

well ,to start of Summers are not a very good time to come to delhi as it is sunny all the time.but this year since I came here the weather was freaking good.(quite like you have in mumbai during july-august.
expecting to see some hot xhicks(x=>'c') in Delhi I quickly accepted the offer at Itasveer.ya, that's kinda geek but IITians are like that . :)
I started off on 15th may.(well if you say start means coming and diging around :) ).of the four people at Itasveer I first met with animesh.bug him for discount on itasveer if you want some cool photo-books or animal mugs at is the pic of the four pillars of Itasveer.(he he that was geek)

at center of the pic is left and right side of respectively are nishant and animesh ,and the one above in ashish.

chalo lets close this post

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